The Blogger

A rower vanishes from his boat. The missing person is René Berger, a world-famous whistleblower who unmasked big pharma through leaked insider information. Has the young blogger been disposed of? What happened to the young journalist Marie Sommer, who was onto the publicity-shunning Berger? An intense thriller about the impossibility to lead the right life in the wrong one.

Winner of the Stuttgart Crime Fiction Award for the best business thriller in 2016.

(in german)

Now available in Italian.

They will yearn for a time when wiretaps could still be grasped, when it was still possible to remove them like a thorn from the flesh.

14,0 x 22,5 cm
455 pages
ISBN 978-3-95451-676-6

14,95 € (D) , 15,40 € (AT)


The thrilling final twist is utterly unpredictable! — New Books in German